How to Plan The Best Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties have a history for being fantastic and gritty, thanks to Hollywood. When it comes to it, bachelor parties really are for a groom to spend time with his best friends and relatives, a momentous event that is really cool.

If you are asked to be responsible for bachelor’s party preparation, consider it a privilege and pay it the respect it deserves. If you’re a bit botched on what a bachelor party is, usually it’s a gathering to celebrate a life-changing decision of the soon to be a groom with his closest male friends. A bachelor’s party is meant to mark the groom’s upcoming nuptials and to say farewell to his individual life. The idea for a bachelor’s party relies both on your groom’s personality and comfort as well as on the guests he invites. You’ll probably want to know what things in your area are available and what the overall budget is for you and your friends. Down below is a short guide for you to plan the best bachelor party.

 Choose a location that is suitable for your activities

 Bachelor parties can take place almost anywhere so it is important for you to hire a limo service for the bachelorette party. Although the classic bachelor’s party can bring out thoughts of booze and gambling, today many to-be-weds prefer other, more balanced things, such as a weekend spent in the wild.

Others might schedule high thrill activities like white-water rafting, skydiving, or scaling rock. Tamer’s bachelor parties may include a weekend of poker in Atlantic City, a game of golf and a fine steak dinner or a cigar bar for the night. If the timing is short or all the parties involved are economical, a nearby pub, a hotel room or the best man’s apartment are also perfect for bachelor parties.

Don’t have it the evening before the marriage

 You all know how the movies normally go, so if you think the night before the wedding is a decent time for a bachelor’s party, think differently. On the big day, the last thing the groom wants is a hangover or a reason to stress his partner.

The party can be scheduled until a month before the wedding and at least a week in advance, preferably on the weekend. People living in faraway towns will need time to prepare and attend, so you can use the advance warning to make arrangements if you want them to turn up. To prevent conflict in scheduling, alert the bachelor party guests at least three weeks before the party.

Make sure the best guy knows his roles

The best man is usually for ensuring that the bachelor party is safe from any failures. Here are a few ideas for him or her(in case you are having the best woman).

  • Making sure people don’t get drunk and drive back home in that state (double-check if exotic limo service is available in the area)
  • Find out the costs and equally divide the expense among all members who are attending the party.
  • Be imaginative and fun with your plans for activity and do not forget to take photos of the groom for memories. When he’s busy partying, he certainly won’t care about pulling his phone out.

Have fun

 After all, this is a party. It’s all right to have a nice time with you and your mates, whatever that entails. As you continue organising the bachelor’s party, think about what the bachelor needs to do. If he’s a homebody, it could be a game night or a video marathon. Take a ride to his local watering spot or do something whacky like a karaoke bar if the moment is right. You have all the freedom get loose and make sure the upcoming night is perfect.

You can add a more fun element into the bachelor party if you decide to go to such a party in style. For that, you can rent a luxurious limousine for your group of friends from Exotic Limobus. They provide a number of services at affordable rates.



Benefits Of Renting A Limo For Your Prom Night

Prom, short for a promenade, describes the “formal and introductory guests parading at a party.” It originated at universities in north-eastern America in the mid-to-late 1800s to encourage social etiquette and styles every year.

Prom continues to be a notable occurrence in high schools’ social atmosphere today. While prom activities can vary between countries, typical activities include dates, women in vibrant dresses, men in suits and ties, bowls of drinks and dancing.

Prom night is very necessary and memorable for teenagers. They see it as their best night in life. Transportation to the prom site is as critical as anything else, so they prefer hiring the best prom exotic rental cars for the night. Here are some benefits of renting a limo for your prom night.

 With rented prom limo, your parents are less stressed

 As a teenager’s parents, they have several questions. They’ll think over a million more things on your prom night. Recommended limo service ensures that behind the wheels are only skilled, seasoned and thoroughly certified drivers. Joy and enthusiasm are synonyms for proms. You don’t need to think about sailing the streets or seeking a free parking space with Prom limo service. You should chill with friends and spend the night. Having a limo or party bus ensures that your parents have peace of mind, as you and your friends go to the prom and are home comfortable and safe.

Hire a prom limousine for a nice ride

The last thing you want is for your parents to drop you off. You do not expect your parents to turn up in a minivan or ask a neighbour to pick you up. Rent a limo for the big night to stop the embarrassment or the bother of planning. The pick-up and drop-off operation will be handled by Limo service that you will choose. You will enjoy a glamorous night while your parents will relax at home. Hiring a limousine would also provide you and your friends with ample room to go to the prom together. It is nowadays common to go to the promenade in bigger groups or with other couples to make sure that the trip is as enjoyable as the actual event.

Rent a prom limo and continue your night

 The end of the night of the prom must not be the end of the party. You should instead plan after parties or other unforgettable activities and ask your friends to join you in a night out in a limousine. Somewhere particularly romantic, you can take your date to have a pleasant ending. No matter where you want, your limo driver will take you there. Comfort is the biggest excuse to rent a limo service for prom night. It makes sense to hire a limo because most drivers know the area well, which is crucial if the party is anywhere beyond your high school.

Prom Limo Rental is the perfect thing to show up in style

 An extraordinary occurrence involves an extravagant trip. Prom night is one of the teenager’s most exciting moments. This is the ideal time to give your classmates and colleagues a lasting memory. Everyone would talk about it at high school gatherings years later, too. Prom limo rental is a door-to-door operation that delivers a convenient trip, complementing the event’s structured appeal and purpose. Limousines exude elegance, charm and high quality. Prom limos make you feel important and assured as you head through the red carpet and the hall. You will certainly start the night with the right energy.

If you are looking forward to hiring a limo for your prom night, visit They provide a number of services including rental limos for proms.

5 Reasons Why Booking Limo Is Wise For New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and although you don’t have to finalize all your plans for New Year’s Eve, you should at least make sure you have smooth and safe transportation. Because right transportation either makes the plans or breaks them. Exotic limo service is your best bet for you if you are determined to have a blast at this New Year’s eve.

According to the reports from Halton Police Force Crime Station, in 2015 over 450 people were arrested for driving in the Halton region. Statistics show that roads are busiest on New year’s eve. So why risk your life and even your license in the night that is supposed to be filled with joy?

Let exotic limos take you places. Other than birthday limo hire, you can hire a limo for a number of occasions, including New years eve. With an expert and sophisticated chauffeur, we will make sure you have a luxurious and sound trip to everywhere.

If you think getting a taxi for  New Years’ eve, would be better as it is comparatively far more economical. Think again, because for new year’s eve there is very little hope of seeing an empty taxi.  As on New year’s Eve, even the biggest introverts venture to have outdoor fun. Getting a cab or a car-sharing ride is equally impractical, as ride-sharing applications increase the price of their services to an unbelievable extent.

Furthermore, due to the rush hours, it is highly unlikely to be able to get the ride-sharing application and even if you manage to get one through the application, there are chances that it will be too late before the ride-sharing application’s driver finally arrives to pick you. Imagine how it would be like to miss midnight countdown only because you could not find a cab on time!

Exotic Limo Bus offers a diverse range of luxury vehicles to suit your party’s needs. The following are a few reasons that make renting a limo a practical choice.

1. Efficient drivers

Due to years and years of driving experience under their belts, limo drivers are familiar with every nook and every corner of your city. Therefore, you will never have to worry about getting lost or not reaching in time.

2. No designated driver

It only makes sense to start a new year as safe and comfortable as possible. So go out enjoy and party with your friends without having to worry about who, among your friends, will become the designated driver of the evening.

3. Enjoy the amenities

Opting for a stretch limo can be an excellent choice because it offers a great range of amenities. Limo offers comfortable and spacious seating and has immaculately clean interiors. Music for the road and wet bar is there to enhance your memorable evening.

4. Safety

Security is a factor that cannot be easily overlooked. Especially, during New Year’s Eve, safety should be your top priority. Walking or driving in the dark or unfamiliar roads can pose a serious peril. In a limo, chauffeur safety is completely curbside service.  Security and comfort provide peace of mind, which is essential because it helps to accentuate your joy for occasions like New year’s Eve, as it’s important to make memories and have fun.

5. Treat Yourself

You spend thousands of dollars on fancy restaurants and concerts. Hiring a limo will be a perfect addition to your special night!


5 Impressive Causes For Using A Limo Service For Your Next Event

In the USA, limo service has seen a sudden boom because who doesn’t want to ride easily in a luxury car while someone else drives? A limousine is still a smart choice when it comes to organising a big occasion. You may assume that it’s just about plush leather seats and an integrated lounge, but these are just a few of the reasons to hire a limo service.

Either for a wedding or a corporate event, a limousine has a wide variety of advantages. Your event is an even better success with the right service and guests love the hassle-free journey. It’s understandable if you’re in doubt, but after learning just a couple of the reasons you need to hire a limo, you’ll make up your mind.

1. No Distraught Driving

 Dangerous driving has been an important issue, but your special event does not have to be spoiled. You don’t have to think about distracted drivers and you’re free to sit as distrait as you want. Sit back and chill as you’re texting friends or coworkers, drinking or listening to your favourite songs. Moreover, you can socialise without distracting yourself or feeling like you’re lost.

2. Holds Everyone Together

 Traffic, coming late, vehicle trouble or losing the way are all typical explanations why your friends, staff and family could be reaching late. Do you want to make sure it does not happen? Holding people united is one of the most important reasons to rent a limo. The driver takes everyone and guarantees that everybody enters the function together. No more wait and no one is lost.

3. Overlook Stressful Road Anger

Frustration with other drivers can destroy our jolly mood for an important event. Furthermore, it’s never fun to deal with road rage while you have to rust to a meeting. Don’t get mad and worn out. Our chauffeurs handle the driving quietly so you can rest for a little. Imagine you will laugh with your fellow travellers and keep the companionship going when you come to your event. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

4. Parking Is Never A Problem

If you have to hit the pub, function centre, hotel or wherever the event is taking place, it can turn into a nightmare when you fail to get a parking spot. Forget to drive in loops in the expectation of a safer location or go for blocks in uncomfortable clothes and shoes. Try to rent a limo and parking service is never a concern. They will drop you off at the door. The limo greets you back at the entrance as you are about to leave. It’s that easy.

5. No Need To Give Directions

One of the most important reasons to use a limo service, particularly for visitors outside the area, is that nobody gets lost. The destinations are offered in advance to the limo service, and the driver is advised of the route inside and out, as well as possible ways to escape traffic if such difficulties arise on your event day. You don’t have to rely on GPS, which might or might not be 100 per cent correct on your phone.

Limos aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Exotic Limo Bus have a fleet of limousines for you to choose from, as we know every event and person is different and requires a different type of luxury. We provide limo service in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Newyork, and other places.

Four Must-To-Do Before Getting A Limo On Rent In New Jersey

The winters are on the brink, and so are the Christmas holidays, making New Jersey a perfect paradise to append a memorable vacation. To save your trip from tripping over the hurdles, it is always a good idea to rent a limousine. This will not just save you from the worries regarding transport but it will also make your trip more memorable.
However, since we all know that limo rental in NJ doesn’t come cheap, so if you are ready to drain your money on getting the best experience in New Jersey, it is prudent to keep a few things in mind before getting corporate limousine services.

1. Make sure to get the best of the best

Being a popular tourist destination, it is no wonder that New Jersey has an abundance of options when it comes to NJ limousine services. Therefore, settling for the first limo rental you heard about makes very little sense. Always do thorough research, make sure the company has a proper license and authentic insurance, so in case a mishap transpires on the road, it would not be on you. Ask locals that seem reliable and choose a service that has a number of good reviews. It is also preferable to go for the rental service that has been in the industry for a while, as the drivers would have more experience under their belt.

2. Keep the records

Once you have selected the limo rental service, make sure you have receipt of everything provided to you in soft, as well as a hard copy. This should entail all the details, the time of arrival, the waiting time, and the time when you want to sign off. Always tell the person in charge of operations that you wish to see the car before getting it, then inspect the vehicle well and make sure the limo that picks you is the same that you had been shown. If it is possible, try to also meet your chauffeur and do a brief recce of him before finalizing everything.

3. Stick to the paved roads

When limo rental agencies leave their fancy cars for you to travel anywhere you like, they don’t mean that you take them to damaged or muddy roads. A rugged or unpaved road is a nightmare for any car, so always let the person in charge know if the road is rocky.

4. Ask the relevant questions

To ensure that the services provided by the limousine are perfectly suitable for the kind of trip you are having, always ask questions, such as, “Are there extra charges for bringing kids?”, “What beverages are you providing?” and “How well trained are your limo drivers?”.

It is not only wise to know everything about the services, but it also prepares you and enables you to learn more about the pricing. Before booking a limo, follow the preceding tips, and enjoy a safe and luxurious journey!

Get The Smoothest Bachelorette Party In New York!

If yes, then understand the burden of getting everything right is on your shoulders, and being a maid of honor, you are expected to throw the most epic and unforgettable bachelorette party ever. One of the major things while planning the bachelorette for the bride-to-be is transportation, as not only you need to ensure safe travel for the girlfriends, you also need to keep it from being lusterless.

How your girl gang would travel from one place to another in New York also has the potential of setting the tone for the entire evening. Being, or choosing someone to be a designated driver, for such an important day can add to the list of responsibilities and is likely to drain your energy and can quite possibly abstain you from enjoying the most special, last carefree days of your best friend’s life.

To ease your burden and help you enjoy your girl’s big day, getting a limo rental for a bachelorette party is the greatest solution. Limo service NYC can help you and your entire girl gang to make the wildest memories.

Different limos for different themes;

At Exotic Limo Bus, Limousine service NYC is briefed to provide hassle-free bachelorette party services. They have various kinds of limos to compliment the theme of the party. You can find stretch limos, luxury vans, party busses, and sedans. The Mercedes sprinter vans, stretch limos, and limo buses are among the most popular choices. So, let the bride go crazy with fun and happiness by having the most hassle-free night.

Don’t worry, nobody will get lost

Booze nights have become essential in bachelor, as well as bachelorette parties. However, with everyone losing their senses, there comes a genuine concern of losing someone or something, which will consequently pose a disaster before the wedding even begins. The chauffeurs at Exotic Limo Bus are prepared for a situation like these and they don’t go anywhere until everyone is safely dropped to the doorstep of their homes.

Treat the bride

As a maid of honor, one of the things you are expected to make sure is that your best friend or the bride will always feel like the princess and therefore, she should be treated like one. To make your friend feel extra special and to ensure she grabs all the attention, a limo provides an extra luxurious experience for the bride to be.

No Hassle, No Stress

To make sure the spell of wedding bliss does not break, the limos provide timely, reliable, super comfortable, and safe service to the party venue. This helps you and everyone else to relax and get ready for the craziest party. The professional chauffeurs of limousine are properly trained to cater to the transportation needs, enhancing the ideal ambiance of the evening.

Do it differently and do it better

The bachelorette isn’t your first all-girls hangout and it certainly won’t be your last, but it is definitely super special. To make the bachelorette more special the limousine is loaded with cool amenities, like refreshments, minibars, a privacy screen, and a retractable roof.

Car Rental Services In Maryland For Corporate Events And Activities

When you’re heading for a business meeting, a corporate event, or arranging conveyance for a high profile guest to attend your event, limo service will be the best answer to your call. It goes without saying that time is the most significant factor when it comes to business, and this is why Exotic Limo Bus offers a superb range of corporate cars that come with amazing luxury, pristine, and comfort. Moreover, our limo services in Maryland come with well-trained, experienced, and professional chauffeurs who will be there at your desired place before the set time to ensure your schedule remains intact.
Are you looking for a stretch limo for your business outing? Or an executive sedan for a meeting with a potential client? Whether you’re planning for a corporate event or a business-related visit to a neighboring city, Exotic Limo Bus provides the most comfortable and safe means of transportations.
Moreover, you can provide us the details of your trip and your expectations for us to work upon it before-hand and provide you a package that exceeds your expectations. For instance, for a corporate meeting, or a business trip, we’ll arrange a car accordingly. Also, our chauffeurs will provide you all the services by taking you to your desired place on time, taking care of your belongings, and also will guide you about all the amenities in our luxury cars that you can enjoy.

Getting To Big Meetings

First impressions are always the most important when it comes to corporate events and business meetings. You need to make sure you tick all the boxes to create a lasting impression, and there isn’t a better way to make a bigger splash than by arriving at your location in a luxurious limousine. Are you about to get a big contract signed? Don’t arrive in a small old car. Get yourself a shiny limousine to arrive in style. Let your clients, business partners, or anyone you’re about to meet know that you’re here to do business. Furthermore, a comfortable and luxurious limousine will also give you a great environment, free from any distraction to allow you to think and formulate strategies for the business, or prepare your points for the meetings. This won’t be possible if you’re driving on your own and struggling with traffic.

Entertaining The Clients

Building profitable and long-lasting relationships is a vital part of any business. If you’re looking to impress your clients or partners, you will have to do more than just ordinary to achieve that. This effort will give you good returns in the long-term. Exotic Limo Bus’s Maryland limousine services for afternoon or evening events are here to provide the best experience to your guests.
Commuting to work regularly is an exhausting task. You can improve this by adding the elements of luxury and comfort. A limousine will allow you to lay back, relax, and make your trip a pleasant one. You’ll feel a huge relief, especially if you frequently encounter the hassle of parking and driving in traffic. Hire a limo well in advance and ensure you reach your desired location on time and in a pleasant mood.

5 Strong Reasons To Hire A Limo Instead Of A Taxi

It’s mostly when you’re not in the mood to tackle the hassle of driving in traffic, or when you don’t own a car, you look for other options to commute. The first idea that’d pop into your mind, in such a situation, is to commute through public transport, but they take too much time and are obviously very uncomfortable. The second alternative is a taxi, but taxis aren’t free of issues either.
The trend of booking limousines is on the rise, but still, the vast majority does not look into this option. Limousine services offer the most professional and luxurious services at fixed prices as compared to taxis. Whether you’re commuting to the airport, planning for an outing with your friends, a prom night, or a business meeting, limo rental in Maryland will provide you everything you need and more. Let’s shed light on why Limos are a better option than a taxi.

1. Comfort And Hygiene

Cleanliness and comfort are the two most essential things when you’re traveling through a car you’re paying for. In the case of a cab, you will most certainly get an unclean and uncomfortable space to sit in. Taxi drivers aren’t paid to keep their cars clean and full of great amenities, neither do they have enough time to prepare their cars. Conversely, the limo services in Maryland you’ll get will always be well-maintained and have amazingly comfortable seats. Limousines come with more leg space and are filled with superb features for you to enjoy an entertaining ride. You can listen to music via the embedded stereo and high-tech systems installed, watch television on the attached screen, have a drink from the mini-bar that comes in good limousines, or if you’re not up for all that, you can have a quiet, peaceful time to yourself and read a book.

2. Service

Limousines are miles ahead when it comes to delivering good service as compared to taxis. You don’t get the customized service with cabs, because those drivers are looking to drop you as soon as they can, to get another driver. Their aim is to earn more in a particular time frame instead of having a meaningful conversation with you or looking for a way to enhance your experience. On the other hand, chauffeurs in a limo are trained to accommodate your needs while having a smile on their face.

3. Reservations

For taxis, you’ll have to wait for an indefinite time until the driver is available. On the other hand, you won’t have to wait for an extra minute with a limo, since you can book a limo well in advance.

4. Impression

Most importantly, when you’re heading for a business meeting, you want to create a good impression on your potential client or business partner. Know that limousines are the best option for making that best first impression. When you arrive in a flashy, luxurious stretch limousine, you make those you’re going to meet know that you mean business.

5. Trained Chauffeurs

Any well-reputed limo rental service will provide well-trained chauffeurs who have all the right knowledge about the safest and shortest route to help you reach your destination on time. These chauffeurs will guide you about all the amenities present in the luxury car, help open the door as you exit or enter the car, to make you feel special.

How Can Limo Ride Help You With Your Travels?

The holidays are back and so is the Christmas spirit! What is the better way to spend your vacations than traveling to California? With exotic beaches, redwood forests, and the Pacific ocean, there is no reason why you should not take the next flight to California and schedule a limousine rental from the airport and feel free to explore the super vast and diverse state. 

There are many reasons why one should take limousine services in Californiabut the most efficient and least talked about is the ease it provides after a long air trip.

Efficient pickup

Air travels are indeed the fastest, but they can also be super tiring and stressful. With worries pressing your head due to flight delays, car jams around the airport, long waits due to security, and a suffocating atmosphere because of large crowds, the journey can become even more cumbersome.

You might not be able to escape these problematic situations but you can definitely reduce their effect by hiring yourself a luxurious Limo service The limousine is highly efficient and would pick you from the crowded airport with remarkable ease. Furthermore, you can trust the chauffeur with the expensive or fragile contents of your luggage and free yourself from worrying too much. Your anxiety can significantly reduce knowing that you will reach your destination on time.

Worry-free ride

Since the chauffeurs at limo service in California are well familiar with all the best and jammed-free routes. The journey can virtually feel like a breeze, despite the usually heavy traffic on California roads. Besides, you can make your fancy ride super relaxing by asking the chauffeur to play soothing songs that would make you close your eyes and abandon all your worries and fears. 

Thoughtful chauffeurs

Other than vacation trips, there could be a number of reasons why people go to California. For instance, for some people, California is their hometown, so they visit it to meet their family. Irrespective of what your reasons are, the limo chauffeurs get briefed regarding the nature of your visit, so they design the trip according to your convenience and feasibility. 

Moreover, to lessen the stress of air travel, the chauffeurs are also expected to keep updates of your flight timings and their potential delays. They provide outstanding service by also keeping you updated, liberating you from many dilemmas, hassle, and confusion. Consequently, lifting your spirits high and allowing you to have the best vacation. 

No stress of parking

It is very intimidating and stressful to look for parking in a strange place, especially if the place is as overcrowded as California, it can significantly increase your worries and can pronounce your jet lag, Sometimes, the parkways can be so densely packed that you would have to park your car somewhere really far off and then take a long walk. However, by booking a limo you are picked right from the doorstep and dropped right at the entrance!


See Pennsylvania Through The Best Lens

If you and your family are planning to spend the upcoming vacation in Pennsylvania then you need to pay heed to this blog, as we have collected some tips for you to see Pennsylvania in the best light possible. 

Going to exotic places with your friends and family lasts you lifelong memories as it enables you to have fun, relax, and unapologetically be yourself. Since Pennsylvania is a place that offers a great many tourist attractions, like Adam’s fall, the Cathedral of learning, Delaware river, etc. It is extremely paramount to hire the right transport. Pennsylvania opens a plethora of options for anyone who wants to explore the state, but the one that can offer the best and most reliable experience is a limo rental service in Pennsylvania. Other than ensuring your absolute safety and comfort level, the limousine service in PA is not even excruciatingly expensive. Though if you are traveling alone and paying solely for each trip, then it might cost you a fortune. 

Other than that, there is no reason why you should not hire a limousine on rent.

Keeps you entertained

When you have an entire limousine on rent, you sit back, relax, and munch the Pennsylvanian snacks with your family and friends. There is hardly any corner of the state that limo can not take you, therefore, you will get the most authentic Pennsylvanian experience all the while sitting on plush seats of your limousine. 

Our well-trained chauffeurs are fully familiar with every nook of Pennsylvania, so there is no fear of getting lost and you can let the chauffeur take you through the least crowded places of Pennsylvania. In addition, you can share the updates of your journey with your Instagram and Snapchat friends, as with everything chauffeur is taking care of, all you have to do is relax and enjoy.

Makes you feel famous

Limousine gives you the best experience you can get and since you have been doing the hard work all year long, you deserve to be treated like a celebrity. 

By hiring a limousine on rent, you can let yourself enjoy the luxurious me-time and set off for sightseeing in the incredible Pensylvannian roads. 

If it’s your birthday, then access your piggy bank and rent a limousine for a birthdayas its birthday special is loaded with amenities that can easily surpass your expectation.

Lets you have a quality family time

Traveling alone is cathartic, but traveling with family and friends has a joy of its own. When you are traveling with a group, getting a cab can be extremely impractical, as you would need to book two or more taxis to accommodate everyone. This can potentially lead to a series of confusion, as it is likely to split your group. Therefore, it is smart to hire a limo rental service, so everyone can ease up their muscles and enjoy the journey together. Since you have a reliable chauffeur, you do not have to worry about not reaching on time and losing valuable stuff from your luggage.