The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Limousine For Your Wedding

Whether it is a wedding limo service or for your birthday, the decision can be quite confusing. Often, you can’t decide if it is the right choice for you. To prevent the confusion any further, here is a list of pros and cons of hiring a limousine service so that you can decide with ease.

Pros for Hiring a Limousine Service:

1. An Elegant Entrance:

One of the more advantageous pros of hiring a limousine service is the great and elegant entrance. You get to make a head-turning entrance at any event, leaving everybody staring in awe. For instance, if you have a wedding party bus, you will be able to travel to and make a sophisticated entrance with your groom/bride or your bridesmaids.

2. Tons of Seating Space:

The limo is big enough to carry a couple of people around with ease and comfort. The lush leather seats on each side will allow you to bring your friends along with you. You can even have a mini party in there along with the complimentary luxuries that come with the limousine. The large seating area in the limousine can also help you sit with comfort even if you are wearing a big, puffy dress that takes up a lot of space.

3. No Driving Duty:

This pro point of hiring a limousine service has got to be the most satisfying of them all. You don’t have to drive on your own! You don’t have to hire a chauffeur separately or get a relative to drive it for you. This way, everyone can have fun without having to worry about driving the vehicle. The trained chauffeur will make sure that you get to your destination without a hassle.

4. Variety of Vehicles:

When hiring a limousine from a well-known limousine service, you are offered tons of vehicles to choose from. You can choose the iconic limousine, or you can choose a wedding party bus, anything according to the event. The variety of vehicles allow you to choose the perfect one that matches your requirements, such as the number of people, the event, or the decorations needed.

Cons of Hiring a Limousine Service:

1. Expensive Bills:

The only con that makes most people back off is the expensive bill that comes at the end of the deal. As limousines are high-end vehicles with a luxurious ambiance, they cost more than any other vehicle. They also serve luxuries such as wine, snacks, and the high-class interior, which are usually expensive too. Most wedding limo services charge by the hour, which means you have to pay for the hours even when the limo is not on the go.

Check all the pros and cons before you decide if hiring a limousine service is the right choice for you. If you do end up opting for the service, all you have to do is search the limo service with the name of your area like “New Jersey Limousine Service”, and you’ll have the right results.

3 Benefits of Renting A Limo For Wedding Season

Hiring limousine services have been in style for quite a while now. From prom limousine rental to wedding limousine services, you can make use of these services on many occasions. One of the best occasions to rent a limo for is your wedding day. Here are 3 benefits of renting a limo for the wedding season.

Arrive In Style:

  • One of the most enjoyable reasons why you should hire a wedding limousine service for your wedding is that you get to arrive in style. The special day is exclusively yours, so you deserve all the glamour and spotlight.
  • Since you will be all glammed up due to being the bride or the groom on your wedding day, it is only suiting that the ride that will take you to the venue is just as glamorous. That is why you should hire a limousine service for yourself and your friends on your wedding day so that all of you can make a brilliant entry.
  • When you arrive at the venue where you exchange your vows with your partner, heads will turn at your amazing choice of transport. So go ahead and steal the show with style!

Luxury On Your Big Day:

  • As it is mentioned above, you deserve all the luxury on your big day. So, kick aside that guilt of spending money and go for wedding limousine rentals. After all, the day is exclusively yours, so you get to treat yourself with all the luxury that you want.
  • Every once in a while, in our lifetimes, we dream about traveling through the busy streets of the city in a luxurious limousine. There is just something else about it, and aesthetic pleasure. So if you have decided to fulfill that dream, why not do it on your wedding day and nail two goals at once?
  • Another reason why you should go for renting limousine services for your wedding is that everything is already planned with the utmost care and luxury according to your big day. So, you should add wedding limousine rentals to the day to make it more convenient.

No Worries About Driving:

  • Everyone knows that wedding preparation can be quite hectic, and when the time comes to finally go to the venue, the person in focus wants to sit back and relax so that they can look their best when they arrive at the altar. That is where wedding limousine services swoop in to save the day. Most limousine services offer a chauffeur so that you don’t have to worry about driving the car.
  • With the duty of driving the vehicle to the venue taken care of, you can sit back and relax. Gain energy and confidence for the upcoming day to handle everything well.
  • Since you won’t be busy driving the limo, you can have a good time with your friends and enjoy the time at the venue.

What’s more is that hiring limousine services during the wedding season can give you amazing discounts and benefits, as limo services are popular in that season.


COVID-19 Vehicle Safety Precautions | Combine Safety With Luxury

Is prom coming up soon? Are you scared of the virus will affect your memorable experience? Well, worry no more. You can still have fun with your friends by renting a limo from a limousine service in New York. There are a few things you must pay attention to before riding the limo to the occasion. Keep on reading to know more!

1. Get The Car Sanitized:

The most important thing to focus on when renting a luxury limo from a limo service is to get the car sanitized. Ask the company or person to get the vehicle sanitized from both the inside and outside. Get the limo cleaned to keep it safe from any germs or the deadly virus. Make sure the luxurious seats are cleaned and sprayed as everyone will have close contact with them. Ask the cleaning service to get into each nook and cranny, as you can’t take a risk with this killer virus. You can reach out to Exotic Limo Bus, as we have cleaned and sanitized fleets at your service.

2. Make Everyone Wear Masks:

Make sure every passenger and the driver in the car is wearing a mask and has their hands covered. It will prevent the transmission of the virus from one to another. As everyone will be sitting within the limited area of the vehicle, it would be easy for the virus to spread from one to another. Even if someone does end up getting the virus, the masks will keep everyone safe for the time being. It is better to opt for safer, stronger masks to prevent any risks.

3. Distanced Seating:

As there will be limited space in the car, you will have to adjust to the SOPs and get everyone seated a little far from each other. It will help prevent any close contact and will keep the harmful virus from spreading easily. When everyone is in the car, make sure that they have at least an arms-length gap between them. This way, you will be able to stay safe and still have fun.

4. Keep Sanitation Products Inside:

When renting a limo for a prom or any other occasion, don’t forget to keep sanitation products with you in the car. Have everyone sanitize their hands, have their clothes slightly sprayed, and put on a mask when getting into the car. This safety precaution will help you travel with fun, without having to be restricted from even sitting in the same area as a group of people. Keep a stock of masks in the car in case someone forgets to put one on.

Tick all the points on the checklist before you go for a limo service and have tons of fun. With all the safety measures taken, you will be able to enjoy most of the day and make endless memories without a hassle. You will still be able to dance a little to the music in the limo or take tons of pictures to capture the precious moments. Rent a limo for prom from Exotic Limo Bus now to make the best entrance and leave everyone staring in awe.

A Guide To Choosing The Best Limo Service In the USA

A fancy event calls for a fancy ride, so how about a limousine? Sure, booking a limo service in the USA is as easy as searching the right keywords online like “limousine service in California”, but what will you give you the best one? This guide will! Here is a guide to choosing the best limo services in the USA.

Which Area Do You Need It For?

Of course, this point is inevitable. When you hire a limousine service, you first need to tell the service where you need it so that they can confirm availability. To make things easier, search online with your area name, like “limo service in Maryland” or “limousine service New York” and you will get the best available results.

Is It Close To Your Area?

If the limousine service is close to your area, it will affect the overall charges positively. If it is close, it might even cost you less than if your required location is miles and miles away. To find the closest limousine service to your area, take the help of the internet. Search with relevant keywords like “limo service Pennsylvania” and choose the best option.

Does It Go Where You Want To Go?

So, you have found the perfect limousine service that is available in your area. Not only that but it is also close to your area so you can enjoy low prices. But wait, is that all? There’s one more thing. Does it go where you want to go? Check up on that before you book one. An easy tip is to search according to your area, like “limousine service in California”.

Check The Affordability:

With all the above-mentioned points taken care of and crossed off the list, now comes the most important part of hiring limousine services in the USA. Is the service easy on your budget or will it burn a hole through your pocket? To easily find the most affordable limousine services in the USA, look it up online with your area’s name like “affordable new jersey limousine service”.

Ensure Cleanliness:

After you have satisfactorily checked the availability and affordability factor of the limousine service, you are one step closer to hiring one for yourself. Before you finally book the service, make sure that it is clean from the inside and out. View pictures and talk to the dealer to ensure cleanliness.

Space in The Vehicle:

Now comes the most important factor in hiring a limousine service. That is also the reason why many people book a limousine service in the first place. The vehicle needs to be spacious. Of course, a limousine has more space than the usual car, but it needs to accommodate all the people comfortably.

Moreover, there are other factors that you can also check before hiring the limousine service. These factors include the driver’s efficiency and any extras the service might provide. With these tips, enjoy the best luxury rides in the USA!


Why Should You Hire A Limo To Attend A Halloween Party In New York?

October 31st is the most awaited date of the year, especially in a lively city like New York. The celebration of halloween, which originated as a festival to remember the lives of martyrs, saints, and all those souls who have left the earth in the service of honor, Halloween is now celebrated with various creative parties.

In a city like New York, Halloween is celebrated at every club, penthouse, and bar with enthusiasm. It is the time where you can dress up in creative, sexy, and wild costumes, without the fear of being judged. However, it is also the time to explore the nightlife of New York City. If you are an OG New Yorker, or you are just visiting the city of dreams, getting a limo or a party bus is the best way to party-hop on Halloween.

You can get a limo service in NYC if you do not want to be the last one arriving at the party. Booking a limo service will free you from the struggle of waiting for cabs and other car services. With a limo driver at your service, you can hit all the spots on your list, without having to miss out on the fun.

If you think that one should get a limo for a bachelorette party only, then you are wrong. Limos are being widely used for multiple purposes such as proms, corporate meetings, sightseeing, weddings, clubbing and casinos, and Halloween parties. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a limo for Halloween.

It can elevate your costume

Let’s assume you dressed up as Kylie Jenner, or any other socialite for Halloween, having a limo to step out from can only elevate your costume. Not only would you look like Kylie Jenner, but you can experience exactly what it feels like to become her. Additionally, enjoying a limo ride would help you capture some Instagram-worthy pictures!

You can become a party-hopper

Party hoppers are people who move from party to party to experience all the fun that Halloween in NYC has to offer. With a limousine service, you can hand over the party schedule to your chauffeur, and travel all over the city to go to exclusive clubs. Additionally, the party would not stop even during the travels. You can pop open complimentary champagne to continue the celebrations in between the events.

You wouldn’t need a designated driver

Being the designated driver, especially on Halloween, is nobody’s idea of a fun time. With a limo service, you can drink as much as you want, and let yourself be free from all the tensions of the daily routine. However, make sure to hire a reliable limo service, with a professional chauffeur, who can get you home safe from your spooky night out!

So, hire a limo service to celebrate Halloween in the most luxurious way possible! May you have a spooky, scary- but safe, Halloween!

Prom Limousine Transportation in 2020 | How to ride safely during the pandemic?

Getting a limo for prom is a rite of passage. Although, with the pandemic present, you may be a bit reluctant to even attend this magical night. You do not have to compromise on your prom night because of COVID-19 anymore. This blog will tell you how to ride to your prom safely during the pandemic. You can follow the below-mentioned advice to stay safe:

Color coordinate your mask with your outfit

You must be spending days planning and select your prom dress. You can incorporate a complementing mask too. This will help you stay safe without compromising on your looks. A mask can protect you and your prom date, along with the professional chauffeur who will be providing you with the service. If you want to stand out, get creative, and bedazzle your mask.

Use a scented hand sanitizer

Everyone wants to look attractive on their prom night. Nothing is more attractive than a good smell. You might be using a long-lasting perfume, but using a medicated or regular hand sanitizer can balance it out. This is where scented hand sanitizers come into action. You can wear an alluring smell while protecting yourself and the people around you.

Use online booking facility

If you have an online booking facility, then why not avail of it? You can book a limo for prom from the comfort of your home. This will help you in getting a cheap prom limousine by viewing all the available options.

Maintain social distancing

Being a social animal can be a difficult step to follow, but it is the most important step in fighting the pandemic. You must maintain social distancing not only at the prom but also when traveling to the prom. Do not try to fit a large number of people in a single limousine. Limousine is spacious enough for everyone to sit while following the social distance regulations.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

You might not realize it, but a normal human being touches his or her face 16 times in an hour, on average. You must be careful when traveling to your prom night and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. If you are wearing makeup, make sure that it does not irritate you.

Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing

If you feel like sneezing, ensure that you cover up your mouth and nose. You can carry tissue paper with you to be on the safer side.

Add gloves to your outfit

This step can help you stand out from the crowd while achieving complete protection. You can add a pair of gloves to your costume, giving it a royal touch. This will help you stay away from the germs even if you touch anything infected.

These were some of the tips that you must keep under consideration when traveling to your prom night in a limo. These will ensure your safety and will allow you to have the perfect prom night.

Do not give up on your plan but make sure that you consult the best limousine service in California.

Choose The Right Car For The Right Occasion

Every occasion demands different attire, decor, food, venue, and car. There is no way you are going to wear a Halloween costume and go to a corporate meeting. Similarly, there is no way you be traveling in a jeep to your prom night.
Every occasion has its norms, which everyone likes to follow. Therefore, every car is designed for a different event, and before getting a rental car, you must understand which car type would complement your occasion.
We have listed some of the most common occasions and events on which you might consider getting a rental car service and all the car types that complement those events.
Mark your arrival at all the unimportant occasions and events!

The Trip You Have Been Waiting For

You have been planning a trip with all of your friends for a couple of months, and the time has come. Now, the ideal solution for you is to get a limo rental bus service in the USA. Since they have been saving for months, you all can afford it, and on the other hand, it would allow the entire group to stick together throughout the trip.

A Romantic Dinner Or A Date Night

If you plan to take your partner out on a date night or a romantic dinner, you must be inclined to decide the perfect venue. The venue does play an important part, but your car selection could add a lot of meaning to your date night. Hiring a Mercedez for a date night is ideal, as it is luxurious, plus it is compact enough to pick and drop you right on time.

A Casual Trip Around The City

A casual trip around the city is most likely to be a shopping trip. Nobody would want to carry heavy shopping bags around the city. Hiring a local cab might not be able to help you out, and even if it does, it might charge you more than your shopping bills. The best option for you in this scenario is to get a hatchback, such as a luxury car so that you can shop swiftly.

traveling With Family

Are you traveling with your family for a long time? You must be excited about it. The first demand that parents make is comfort. Another thing that should be remembered while getting a car is the number of your family members. If you have a large family and are looking for a comfortable solution, the MUVs are the perfect option. If you have kids in your family, then you can make them sit in the rear area, and they could play in there.

A Business Meeting Or A Business Trip

Have a meeting and searching for an available transportation option? Honda City is a good option if you have a small number of people to take with you. However, if you are planning a business trip to another city, then getting a limo rental bus service in the USA would also be a good option for you. As a limo is associated with comfort, your employees would not feel tired before the meeting by just traveling.

Fulfilling Your Love For Riding In Luxury

If you are hiring a car to fulfill your love for riding luxuriously, you should go for any car that you have never ridden before. This would be a whole new experience for you, plus you would have a good time.

The next time you arrive at any event, make sure you are arriving perfectly. Getting the correct car would not only help you leave a better impression, but it would also help you have a flawless transit from one place to another.



Interesting Facts About Limousines

Every person must have seen a limousine in their lives, either on television or in person, and the majority of you have wished to sit in it and savor the experience. Getting your wish fulfilled is quite easy, if you are residing in the United States of America, as there are many options available for you.
It is much more economical to purchase a limo in the USA, as compared to the other countries. You could rent a limo for the day or by the hour.

Everyone knows that a limo is a luxurious car and it is equipped with a TV and a bar, but there still are certain interesting facts about limos that the majority of the people are unaware of. If you love discovering new facts, or you would love to know everything about limo, then you should definitely give this blog a read.
Here are some interesting facts about limousines that you might be unfamiliar with:

The Reason Why It Is Called A Limousine

Everyone must be familiar with the name of a limousine, but not everyone knows why it is called that. The name is based on a region in France that is named limousine. This region used to face tough weather conditions, so the shepherds used to wear cloaked hoods to save themselves from the weather. The early models of the limousine had compartments that were covered very quite similar to the cloaked hoods those shepherds used to wear. This was the reason why this luxurious car was named a limousine. As it is a bit of a lengthy name, some people prefer to just call it a limo.

Here Is Why The Limos Are So Stretched And Long

Back in the 1920s, when certain bands grew popular and began doing their concerts around the city or even countries, they faced a huge challenge in reaching from one place to another on time with all of their equipment crew. The stretched and longer styles of the limo were then introduced to help them overcome this issue. This is also the main reason why every musician prefers to hire limo service, as it is convenient for them plus their look does not get compromised while traveling.

The First Vehicle To Introduce An Air Conditioner

You probably never thought about this but do you know which was the first-ever car to have an air conditioner? Yes, it was a limousine. Back in 1939, a company called Packard Motor Car Company launched the first-ever limo with an air conditioner.
But this was not as efficient as the air conditioners in today’s cars, and this setup took almost the entire trunk back then. But if you would hire limo service today, it would have a properly functioning AC.

The Longest Limo Among The Limos

Among all the limousines that are ever made, The American Dream was called to be the longest limousine ever was built by Jay Ohrberg in 1997 in California. This car was 100 feet long, and it took help from 26 wheels covering the entire car in order to move it. It was equipped with four televisions, a hot tub, air conditioners and fax machines to support the convenience of the travellers. One thing that makes it stand out of all the other limos was that it had split so that turning would be possible for it.

Checklist For The Best Limo Rental Service

There comes certain occasions or events that call for sophistication, and in those situations, one of the best things you could do is book a limo. To make any occasion memorable, make the best out of limo rental services that are available near you.
If you have ever availed one of those services before, or you are not sure what exactly you should do in order to get the best service, then this blog is written just for you.
A checklist of all the things that you should consider before getting the limo rental service to have a tremendous experience is given below.

The Functionality

You need to first define the function or the role that limo would be playing in your event. If you need a limo for simply providing conveyance to your guests, then opting for a small limo would be good for you. However, if you plan to have the limo around you during the entire occasion or the event, you should go for a more luxurious option, such as one that is typically more fancy and elegant.
You might be needing a bar or an entertainment unit in the limo, or you could be needing larger options if you have a good number of passengers. It all is solely dependent upon your functionality and the purpose of why you are getting it.

Count Of Passengers

Every limo has a different number of seats, which means that you need to first decide how many passengers you have and how many would be traveling at a single time. Once you have a number now, you can decide which type of limo rental service you should hire.

The Budget Plays An Important Role.

As in every other decision, the budget plays an important role equally in this situation. The key is to write down your whole budget with a proper breakdown of the expenditure. Having an understanding of your budget can help you identify the type of limo service you can afford. If you plan to take just pick and drop service from the limo, it is better if you go for the latest model offered by the limo rental services.
One of the most important things that you should remember while getting a rental limo service is that you should make sure that the price you agree upon is inclusive of all the other expenses.

Listen To The People.

Before reaching out for the services from a completely new and unknown service provider, you should ask for reviews and references from your circle. Learning about someones’ personal experience could help you greatly. If no one in your circle has ever availed this service, then you could take help from the internet and start looking up for the reviews. This would also make it easier for you to compare the prices against the services.

Seek A Variety

There could be a great number of options available for limo rental service in your region. You should go for the one which has a wider range of variables, such as at least 5 different types of limos. Through this, you could be more sure about the services, and it would also provide you much more options to choose from.

Safety Matters

Safety is always important. Before hiring a limo, you should always make sure that the service provider is licensed and certified. You should check the condition of the limo, as well as the professionalism of the driver.



Why You Should Get A Limousine For Corporate Meetings

In the business world, the limo has made its own place very conveniently. Today, it is considered as one of the most classy and luxurious modes of conveyance in the business sector, after the business class air ticket or a private jet.

If you are a business professional and you are not sure about getting the limo service for your company, then read out this blog to find out all the reasons why you or any other business professional should opt for a limo service.

One important thing that must be mentioned here is that most of the companies do not own their own limos, but they go for a limo rental service, as it is less costly.

Below all the reasons why you should get a limousine for professional purposes.

Enriched With Resources

Every business person likes and needs to be updated on all the current trends and updates such as the stock market, world politics, and the internal affairs of the country. But the issue is that most of them are running out of time and do not get enough time to read the newspapers or watch the news. One of the reasons why business professionals are in favor of limo is that these are equipped with  TV, internet connection, and updated newspapers. So, if you are on your way to an important meeting and you really want to impress your clients, then you should impress them with your updated knowledge, as you can easily do the research for your meeting.


Comfort matters! All the top organizations worldwide are constantly looking for ways to provide flexibility and comfort to their employees and clients. It is the most important reason why business professionals are in favor of limo services is that these are extremely comfortable for their clients and employees—the bigger the limo, the greater the comfort.

It is also said that the more comfortable you would make your employees feel, the better they would perform, as it would increase employee satisfaction. In a similar way, the more comfortable your customer would feel, the higher the possibility of getting higher customer satisfaction. As customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are two extremely important components for any organization, getting a limo service would enhance both of these.

Ensures Safety

Safety and protection of the employees and clients is always an utmost priority for every organization. The good thing about limos is that these are only chauffeured by professionals and experts who go through proper training and certification. There are many certified services through whom you could get a limousine hired in Maryland.

It must be noted that you should never get a limo rental service if it is not certified.

Saves Up Time

Time is money, but still, the top businessmen around the globe are always running short on time. The best part about limos is that you could get your schedule on time. Limos are designed in such a manner that you could transit from one place to another in much less time. Transiting from one place to another would no longer be hectic in Baltimore.

There are a number of options available in the market for getting a rental limo service.

But being a business professional, like all of your other decisions, you must make a completely analyzed decision before selecting any limo service provider. After reading this blog, you finally know all the reasons why business professionals get limo service. If you feel that you are in the same positions, then you should get your limo service too.