COVID-19 Vehicle Safety Precautions | Combine Safety With Luxury

Is prom coming up soon? Are you scared of the virus will affect your memorable experience? Well, worry no more. You can still have fun with your friends by renting a limo from a limousine service in New York. There are a few things you must pay attention to before riding the limo to the occasion. Keep on reading to know more!

1. Get The Car Sanitized:

The most important thing to focus on when renting a luxury limo from a limo service is to get the car sanitized. Ask the company or person to get the vehicle sanitized from both the inside and outside. Get the limo cleaned to keep it safe from any germs or the deadly virus. Make sure the luxurious seats are cleaned and sprayed as everyone will have close contact with them. Ask the cleaning service to get into each nook and cranny, as you can’t take a risk with this killer virus. You can reach out to Exotic Limo Bus, as we have cleaned and sanitized fleets at your service.

2. Make Everyone Wear Masks:

Make sure every passenger and the driver in the car is wearing a mask and has their hands covered. It will prevent the transmission of the virus from one to another. As everyone will be sitting within the limited area of the vehicle, it would be easy for the virus to spread from one to another. Even if someone does end up getting the virus, the masks will keep everyone safe for the time being. It is better to opt for safer, stronger masks to prevent any risks.

3. Distanced Seating:

As there will be limited space in the car, you will have to adjust to the SOPs and get everyone seated a little far from each other. It will help prevent any close contact and will keep the harmful virus from spreading easily. When everyone is in the car, make sure that they have at least an arms-length gap between them. This way, you will be able to stay safe and still have fun.

4. Keep Sanitation Products Inside:

When renting a limo for a prom or any other occasion, don’t forget to keep sanitation products with you in the car. Have everyone sanitize their hands, have their clothes slightly sprayed, and put on a mask when getting into the car. This safety precaution will help you travel with fun, without having to be restricted from even sitting in the same area as a group of people. Keep a stock of masks in the car in case someone forgets to put one on.

Tick all the points on the checklist before you go for a limo service and have tons of fun. With all the safety measures taken, you will be able to enjoy most of the day and make endless memories without a hassle. You will still be able to dance a little to the music in the limo or take tons of pictures to capture the precious moments. Rent a limo for prom from Exotic Limo Bus now to make the best entrance and leave everyone staring in awe.

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