Interesting Facts About Limousines

Every person must have seen a limousine in their lives, either on television or in person, and the majority of you have wished to sit in it and savor the experience. Getting your wish fulfilled is quite easy, if you are residing in the United States of America, as there are many options available for you.
It is much more economical to purchase a limo in the USA, as compared to the other countries. You could rent a limo for the day or by the hour.

Everyone knows that a limo is a luxurious car and it is equipped with a TV and a bar, but there still are certain interesting facts about limos that the majority of the people are unaware of. If you love discovering new facts, or you would love to know everything about limo, then you should definitely give this blog a read.
Here are some interesting facts about limousines that you might be unfamiliar with:

The Reason Why It Is Called A Limousine

Everyone must be familiar with the name of a limousine, but not everyone knows why it is called that. The name is based on a region in France that is named limousine. This region used to face tough weather conditions, so the shepherds used to wear cloaked hoods to save themselves from the weather. The early models of the limousine had compartments that were covered very quite similar to the cloaked hoods those shepherds used to wear. This was the reason why this luxurious car was named a limousine. As it is a bit of a lengthy name, some people prefer to just call it a limo.

Here Is Why The Limos Are So Stretched And Long

Back in the 1920s, when certain bands grew popular and began doing their concerts around the city or even countries, they faced a huge challenge in reaching from one place to another on time with all of their equipment crew. The stretched and longer styles of the limo were then introduced to help them overcome this issue. This is also the main reason why every musician prefers to hire limo service, as it is convenient for them plus their look does not get compromised while traveling.

The First Vehicle To Introduce An Air Conditioner

You probably never thought about this but do you know which was the first-ever car to have an air conditioner? Yes, it was a limousine. Back in 1939, a company called Packard Motor Car Company launched the first-ever limo with an air conditioner.
But this was not as efficient as the air conditioners in today’s cars, and this setup took almost the entire trunk back then. But if you would hire limo service today, it would have a properly functioning AC.

The Longest Limo Among The Limos

Among all the limousines that are ever made, The American Dream was called to be the longest limousine ever was built by Jay Ohrberg in 1997 in California. This car was 100 feet long, and it took help from 26 wheels covering the entire car in order to move it. It was equipped with four televisions, a hot tub, air conditioners and fax machines to support the convenience of the travellers. One thing that makes it stand out of all the other limos was that it had split so that turning would be possible for it.

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